Where to Sell Mandela Coins in Johannesburg [All Places Here]

Here are the places and sites you can Sell Mandela Coins in Johannesburg now. Selling Mandela coins is becoming a popular question for everyone possessing a coin with the face of the former South Africa state president.

People are holding on to the coins which have the face of the great world icon, the late Nelson Mandela. However, people must differentiate between the collectible coins and the circulation coins.

What is a collectible coin?

Collectible coins are those coins that are worth to be collected by either investors or just passionate collectors. These coins can be collected and kept for future selling. They may also be collected just for the love of collecting.

South African 2019 coins
South African 2019 coins

Some of the collectors collects these coins and sell them through auctions. There are physical auctions and online auctions where we can sell our coins.

What is a circulation coin?

Circulation coins are those coins produced or minted by the reserve bank through its entity SA Mint for the purpose of day to day use in the marketplace. These are the coins we use to buy goods and services we require. Some of these coins may however become valuable to collectors if there is some significance on the year they were minted. Example of such coins are the 1965 once cent, the 1965 fifty cent, the Kruger Rand and more vintage coins. These coins have generated a lot of demand hence they are the most wanted coins in South Africa.

The Kruger Rand and earlier old South African coins
The Kruger Rand and earlier old South African coins

So where can I sell Mandela coins in Johannesburg?

Now let’s answer your question about places to sell Mandela coins in Johannesburg. There are several places online where you can sell Mandela coins. You can list your coins on classified websites and sell your Mandela coins. Click here to find the online places to sell Mandela coins.

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Creative Uses of The Mandela Coin

Collectors of the Mandela coins are becoming more creative with the coins. We have learnt recently about bracelets made from the Mandela R5 coin.

Why these Mandela R5 Coins?

As described in Wikipedia, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the country’s first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.

SA Mint explains about 2018 Mandela coins. The bimetallic R5 circulation coin is central to this range, enabling the South African public and coin collectors to celebrate the centenary year of Mandela’s birth. The coin goes into circulation in July 2018, the month in which Mandela was born.

Even now that Nelson Mandela has passed on, his legacy still lives. People wants to remember him in their own unique way. Some collects his portraits, some collect his coins which was especially made for collection purpose. But recently, we have seen collectors collecting the circulating coins for different purposes.

From the image above you can see the creativity on the bracelet using the 90th Mandela birthday R5 coin.

Do you still have the Mandela Coins?

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